“We are Tableware”: SAMA (a SACMI Group company) celebrates 25 years in business!

“We are Tableware”: SAMA (a SACMI Group company) celebrates 25 years in business!

Market leader with solutions providing high level automation, efficiency and energy savings, SAMA is mapping out its own future to meet new market trends, strengthened by the synergies within the SACMI Group and the cutting-edge work of the Tableware R&D centre based in Weissenstadt.

More than 300 isostatic presses installed around the world, 350 casting machines, over 4000 resin moulds and isostatic pressing tools and 250 glazing machines. These are just some of the facts and figures about SAMA, the SACMI Group company and market leader in the Tableware sector, which this year celebrates its 25th anniversary.

Established in 1996 in the traditional German ceramic district, SAMA achieved rapid success on the market thanks to its ability to develop complete solutions for forming, finishing and glazing tableware.  Among the most important and distinctive technologies proposed by the company is isostatic pressing; the best state-of-the-art technology available in terms of quality, process flexibility and energy savings.

With these solutions, SAMA is looking to the future at a time of important changes in the market towards sustainability, automation and research. At the heart of the latest generation machines – for example the presses – are these key concepts of sustainability and automation, achieved thanks to systems giving energy savings of up to 30% and special features guaranteeing maximum versatility.

Integration with finishing systems (even robotized), the ability to develop resin moulds and isostatic pressing tools (designed according to criteria of maximum durability) internally and the guarantee of process repeatability, all represent added value for the customer of SAMA which, on the occasion of its twentieth anniversary in 2016, inaugurated the new R&D Centre at the Weissenstadt headquarters.

Within the R&D Centre is the complete pilot plant which allows customers to carry out all the required tests and trials on new materials and processes thus considerably speeding up product development.

Following the first 25 years of growth and consolidation on the market, SAMA has ambitious plans for the future as part of its “We are tableware” campaign that underlines the central role of this company within the SACMI group, while at the same time showcasing the multiple synergies between the different Group companies in this sector: SACMI Imola (raw material characterization), Riedhammer (other top class German market leader specialized in industrial kiln manufacture), Gaiotto (automation and robotics).

«We are continuing to meet the challenge – observes Josef Trettenbach, General Manager of SAMA Maschinenbau – to keep pace, as we have always done, with the new market requirements such as, in particular, efficiency of the overall production line, rapid mould/tool development and automation which involves, more and more, every stage of production».

SAMA’s mission is to be always at the customer’s side to support their projects and, in the last few weeks, in conjunction with the other Group companies, it proposed as a gift to its customers the newly developed first technical tableware production manual, a two-volume publication encompassing the history, secrets and future of the Tableware world.

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